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We’re a collective of gals who like nerdy things and share our experiences here on our blog or on instagramtwitter or facebook. If you’re geeky too, then make sure to follow us! ^_^ If you need to contact us regarding something then this is our email: geekygalsswe[at]gmail.com

The Geeky Gals >>

Geeky Gals Becki NinjaBrite
~ BrightsGaming / NinjaBrite ~Becki-chyan came up with the idea for our instagram account! She’s a movie/anime/xbox nerd that loves Ninjas, Halo, Turtles, Star Wars and more! Her favorite Amiibo is Samus Aran!~ instagram
Geeky Gals Heidi stopXwhispering
~ stopXwhispering ~Heidi is a retro video game collector, you can read more about her collection on her site retro-video-gaming.com. She’s also into new gen games and prefers XBONE to PS4. Her favorite Amiibo is Pikachu!~ instagram   ~ twitter
Geeky Gals wobblymintflava Jinn
~ WobblyMintFlava ~is an avid gamer! She prefers PS4, is obsessed with Towerfall Ascension, and also plays retro games 🙂 Her favorite game series are Sonic & Katamari 😀 Her favorite Amiibo is Sonic!~ instagram
Geeky Gals Mona MissDeluxe
~ MissDeluxeGaming ~Mona is a fashionista into natural cosmetics and beauty, but also a geek at heart! She loves pink, anime, sneaking games, and has been gaming since the C64! Her favorite Amiibo is Princess Peach! ❤~ instagram
Geeky Gals Eleth
~ Eleth ~Gabriella is a big fan of retro computers and particularly old adventure games, mainly text-based or point-and-click. She’s been gaming since she was a kid and her favorite Amiibo is princess Zelda!
Geeky Gals Kristin Mooncloud
~ MoonCloud ~Kristin is a geeky mother in love with Japan, cartoons, comics, video games (especially retro), halloween and everything 80s and 90s! Check out her scanlation site! Her favorite Amiibo is Splatoon girl!
Geeky Gals Linda Shrimp

~ Shrimp ~

Linda is a total tech nerd collecting video games. Apart from owning all Playstation consoles & loving fighting games she also has her own Iron Man morphsuit! Her favorite Amiibo is Charizard!

~ HolyGhostOrchid ~

Nathalie is a witty and nerdy girl who likes to tinker. She’s amazing with crocheting and loves both old point-and-click adventures and new platforming adventures. Her favorite Amiibo is Kirby! ❤

~ instagram

~ Alana ~

Alana is a retro game collector and artist, her favorite series is Mega Man. She loves cats, and her two cats are named Mario & Yoshi! Her favorite Amiibo is R.O.B. the Robot!

Geeky Gals Tille Miss Spock

~ Miss Spock ~

Tille is a retro gaming girl, and her favorite series is Metal Gear Solid. She prefers retro games to new generation games and she’s a big fan of Batman and Star Trek! Her favorite Amiibo is Ness!

13 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hallå!
    Håller på att utveckla retrospel och fiskar runt lite nu om där finns spelrelaterade sidor/företag som vill “sponsra” spelen?
    Tänkte lägga in en battle-arena i detta äventyrsspel där det ska finnas logotyper från spelrelaterade saker. Ungefär som på en fotbollsplan.
    Skulle ni vilja ha med er logga så kan ni väl kontakta mig på skottgaming@gmail.com.

    Ni kommer även med i eftertexterna så klart!


    1. Hej Kenny!
      Har sett utvecklingen av ditt spel på instagram! Hoppas det kommer gå bra för det! 🙂 Hur kommer du lansera spelet? Och var?
      Hade klart varit kul att ha med vår logga där, men vi är ju ingen organisation med en massa pengar direkt ;D Vi är bara en grupp tjejer som skriver om vad vi tycker om ^_^
      Hur mycket letar du efter i sponsring?


  2. What was youre first ever computer, mine was the commodore vic 20, took ages to load one game. i remember playing Blitz in which you had tp bomb skyscrapers in order to land the plane lol.


    1. I never had any of those old computers, my first computer was in the 90’s 😦 Today I have both Vic20, C64, Amiga 500 and ZX Spectrum though 🙂 I know MissDeluxe grew up with the C64 and Amiga though ^_^ I’ll keep a look out for that game Blitz though, sounds like fun 😀


  3. I remember my eldest brother having a Vic20 before I ever owned a computer and we played that Blitz game at his house. It was awesome. He also had a game which was to do with rats and the music to Three Blind Mice nursery rhyme kept playing over and over, but I can’t remember the name of it…however I do remember it being great fun.


  4. Hello young ladies. How come there wasn’t any geeky gals from my youth? It would have been ubercool to have some ladies playing Dungeons & Dragons as well as Star Trek (board games). This was the mid to late 70’s. And I had the misfortune of growing up in the Southern US. I’ve lived on the west coast for longer than I lived in Florida (thankfully). I’m not sure how much racism/misogyny played into you guy’s life but it was bad back then, back there. I’m guessing at least some of y’all (dang those southern roots!) are Dutch? Anyhoo, the only computer I recall from way back then was the TRS-80. Several of my nerdish pals had classes at USF and there was a room full of them. But word games was all there was. I’ve had (in no particular order) a Timex-Sinclair, Vectrex, Intellivison (my fav), Atari 800, Atari5200, Colecovisin, and many different computers. And those where when the systems were new. I’ve also owned a Speccy, and I really really wanted an Apple II+ back in the 80’s but they were waaay expensive, $2K or so. Yikes.


    1. Hey John!
      We’re all from Sweden ^_^ We grew up in the 80s, and over here it probably wasn’t as bad as in the southern US..
      That is so cool! I just recently got myself a TRS-80!! 😀 It’s standing right behind me, in it’s original cardboard box ^_^ I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, but I’ll probably do that this weekend 😀 I actually have other games than just word games for it, bought a whole box of games! And the main reason I got one was for the Tetris game that I acquired a while back ^_^
      I have most of the old machines you mention, except the intellivision, but I’m on the hunt for one… 🙂
      I didn’t think the ZX Spectrum was released in the US?


  5. This is so refreshing! Here I am, an old dude (THAT word shows my age) of 66, and I’ve never seen a site of geeky gals like this. Thank you ladies, you’ve completed me! Be that as it may, I’ve a fondness (not surprising?) for old games. Megaman was my NES fav BITH (back in the day). Me poor hands were never deft enough to win to the end. It was fun trying though. I ‘member back in the early 80’s wanting, drooling over an Apple II a friend of mines’ Dad had for his business. Dang, they were expensive! I wound up with an Atari 800. And proceeded to populate my personal space with game cartridges. I’m also an original Star Trek Trekker. A Trekker differs from a Trekkie by……, shyness? I wasn’t into dressing up or wearing the Spock ears. I have too this day, a deep, love/respect for the concept of IDIC. I’m a passionate libber as well. I actively dislike bigots, racists, antisemitic dinks, and misogynists. Order of dislike depends on who I’m confronting at the time. And you guys are Swedish. That is so cool. Too cool for school.👽🖖


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