GAMEX / Comic Con 2014 Games!

This year three of us visited the Comic Con / Gamex convention in Stockholm! It was a blast! We got to try out a bunch of new games. The Xbox showcase was impressive! We got to see Sunset Overdrive, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Halo the Master Chief Edition (which NinjaBrite HAD TO try out, since it’s her favorit Xbox series) and lots more!


We also checked out the Playstation showcase which had a bunch of new and not so new games. There was some promotion for the new Little Big Planet, and we ended up just playing some Destiny (which we’re already hooked on, through Xbox though..). It was a weird feeling to play Destiny with the PS4 controller o_O

We also got to try out the new Lara Croft game which seemed really cool, and dependant on co-op! We like co-op! 😀

The last gaming stop was in the Ubisoft showcase where we watched some Let’s Dance play-offs on stage, and got to try out Far Cry 4! This game is amazing!!!

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