Kung Fury is #AWESOME!!

Never would I have thought I would get to see so many awesome things at the same time in one 80’s inspired movie! Just listen to this: Kung Fu cop fighting alongside a Triceratops-cop called Triceracop, taking out Laser Unicorn Arcade machines rampaging the city, with the help of a hacker called Hackerman using old 80’s ZX Spectrum & Microbee computers and a Power Glove to time-hack Kung Fury (the kung fu cop) back in time to fight Hitler (The Kung Führer!), but gets lost in Viking age and gets help from T-rex riding barbarians killing Laser Raptors… omg, I can’t go on.. you just have to SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! It’s just TOO MUCH AWESOME! 😀


If you’ve completely missed out on this Swedish kickstarter project that resulted in an awesome action comedy short movie by David Sandberg then you should just go WATCH IT NOW! And if you’ve heard of it but still haven’t gotten around to seeing it, then you should also GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!! Why you may ask?…. Because it’s AWESOME!! If you’re in Sweden you can still see the movie on SVT Play for another 27 days or so, so hurry up!!

Kung Fury is truly a homage to the 80’s! Well done Laser Unicorns ^_^

Now go enjoy this epic action-filled adventure guaranteeing laughs! And if you’ve already seen it, go see it again!! ;D



9 thoughts on “Kung Fury is #AWESOME!!

      1. I actually saw it a couple days ago, it’s so entertaining and funny! The lines are the best! Hahaha 😁👍
        I feel like it’s a love letter to almost every movie ever made, but at the same time a slap in the face for modern Hollywood 😜


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