Dragon Flight – shmup on your mobile!

Mobile games take up a lot of my free time and I don’t think I’m the only one who appreciate them. They’re easily accessible, portable and mostly never ending. And as a retro game fan, it’s a bliss to see so many new 2D games being created. But the app stores are huge and there are thousands of games to choose from. That’s why I’d like to share with you one game that I found a while back called Dragon Flight – a scrolling shooter from the Korean game company NextFloor.

To play, you need to install a social app called Kakao and create an account linked to your phone number. It is mainly used as a free chat client in asia but there are a lot of mobile games out there which you can never play unless you have this installed. Most games are in Korean though, so things can seem tricky at first. That’s why I’ve decided to blog about this hidden gem. 😀 It was because of this game I even took a university course to learn the Korean alphabet and basic grammar structure.

Screenshots from Dragon Flight

You control a character riding on a big dragon. You shoot automatically so all you need to think about is to go left and right to avoid enemies and enemy fire. During a flight, you will occasionally receive different items: Dual Shot, Magnet (to easier collect coins), Hyper Flight (makes your dragon dash through enemies) and Double Score. All items have temporary effect and wear off automatically.

After a while you will encounter various bosses. These were not included in the original game release in 2012 but were added during the big 2014 update. All of these bosses have different elemental attributes, so make sure that you get your hands on some equipment that provide your character with an attack element: Darkness, Lightning, Fire and Water. Lightning is best for armored enemies while Darkness is the best over-all element. You can get equipment from defeating Guards, which are like really strong dragons. They don’t always appear, so take the chance if you see one. 🙂 These can be destroyed most easily with Power Shots, a power up which can be bought by game coins.

Surviving for long during flight will be difficult at first because the enemies you meet are a lot stronger than you. That is why you will need all the game coins you can get; to level up your character’s weapon and abilities.  The goal of the game is to get the highest score. Your distance score is added to your point score and you automatically get listed on an online leaderboard. There is also a separate leaderboard among Kakao friends. The lists will be reset once a week along with your score and if you get a top score you will qualify to a new leaderboard.

Screenshots from Dragon Flight, showing a boss battle and new high score screen

Now to the most exciting part of the game: the baby dragon eggs!  😀 Each egg costs 4000 game coins. Each dragon egg contains a random baby dragon, which can join you during flight. At first you can only use one dragon per flight but you can buy a second baby dragon spot for 20 000 game coins.

Each baby dragon has its own abilities and they all level up automatically as you use them! But once a dragon reach level 10, it won’t receive any more flight experience. To make it reach level 11, you need to combine two level 10 dragons. And to reach level 12 you will need to combine two level 11 dragons and so on… 😛 Which means you will have to choose which one of the two baby dragons you must abandon. If you get the same baby dragon twice you can enchant one of them with a skill!

Sometimes you may also receive rare baby dragons which are stronger than normal ones. They can also be bought separately by using White Gems but I suggest you save them for buying new characters. White Gems are also rare and are mostly won in leaderboards. But you will get a new one every day just by logging into the game!

Screenshots from Dragon Flight, showing some baby dragons and enchantment stones.

There are many more fun features in this game, one of these is Exploration. You can send a characters on different missions which will go on even when you close the game. The duration is in real-time and when completed you will get different kind of rewards. Sometimes equipment but sometimes also Red Stones. These cost 2000 game coins to break. Inside, you will find various enchantment stones which can be used to enchant your equipment with different abilities. There are more than 60 different stones to collect so the possibilities are endless! Understanding the item descriptions is of course crucial to get really high scores, so for my personal blog I am planning to make a more complete guide!

I really love this game and I have managed to get my boyfriend hooked on it as well 😀 we play this almost every day and we recommend it to everyone. You can download Dragon Flight on Google Play here, or from App Store here. Don’t be scared of the Korean! It is really worth a try even if you don’t understand the language. The more the merrier so feel free to add me with my Kakao ID MoonCloud217. ^^

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