I don’t think there’s a Geeky Gal among us that doesn’t absolutely loooove Star Wars! We’re all super excited for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie this winter!! I hope nobody has missed out on the awesome Star Wars teaser trailers they’ve released so far for episode VII, or the extra few seconds of footage from the Korean Star Wars trailer ;D Super psyched!!!
We will all be attending the opening once it comes out, we might even go all out and arrive in Star Wars cosplay! We already have a Sandpeople cosplay and a Leia dress that Heidi created a year ago when attending a Star Wars themed birthday party ^_^ Jinn and Becki have Han Solo and the Emperor outfits, but we need a few more outfits or maybe just something new, any ideas what we should go as? ;D

While waiting for the movie to launch we’ll have to make due with other Star Wars related things.. Mona is in Paris checking out Star Wars cafés, Jinn is playing around with her friends Stormtrooper helmet and I’m considering opening up my Star Wars Bend-Em toys to have something to play with! They look so cool!

I kind of feel like keeping them in the pretty packaging as well though.. they’re from 1993, so they’re not super vintage, but that still makes them 22 years old! I bet it would be a lot of fun to play around with them though, they’re supposed to be bendable and posable! I bet Pepparkaksninja agrees that I should open them up, and release them from their plastic prison ;D

Gotta love those poses ^_^ Well enough about that, are YOU excited about the upcoming Star Wars Episode?? 🙂

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