Far Cry 4, and why it’s so amazing!

Both Becki, Jinn & myself (Heidi) has played a lot of Far Cry 4 on the Xbox One. This game is stunningly beautiful, crammed with different things to do! You can go hunting, upgrade your gear, explore exciting locations in an environment that never repeats itself, go driving, hiking, mountain climbing, go on a boat or go fishing for demon fish, you can take on enemy outposts, sneak up and do awesomely cool takedowns from behind/below/above or go head on in battles with henchmen from the evil Pagan Minh with flamethrowers/molotovs/smg’s/lmg’s/shotguns/pistols or just snipe them all out from a hill without them ever noticing you, take on missions from various interesting characters all over the island of Kyrat, missions in Himalayas, fly a mini-helicopter called a buzzer all over the island, spin mani-wheels, burn down opium fields or save them to gain control over the drug trade, save people, kill people, rescue hostages, find lost letters, unravel the story of Kyrat, it’s leaders and the rebels, the golden path, unlock new skills, ride elephants!, unlock new guns, buy guns, and loot, loot everything and everyone!, get weird items, sell items, buy new cool stuff, make friends, battle in the arena, play online, play co-op! and lots lots more..

far cry 4 buzzer ride with friends far cry 4 shangri la

We love Far Cry 4 ^__^

3 thoughts on “Far Cry 4, and why it’s so amazing!

  1. I bought it on release, played about 5 hours and then i don’t continued it. I don’t know why, but i don’t like it so much. It’s too similar with Far Cry 3. Only a new story and a new setting. Everything else is the same. Maybe sometimes i will give the game a second chance.


    1. Why change something that’s great? 😀 FarCry 3 was awesome, and I think 4 is too ^_^ the further you get in the story more and more awesome locations and happenings will occur that are unique to 4, and it’s just loads of fun in my opinion ^____^


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