FarCry Primal has an awesome bow!

FarCry Primal is Awesome! At first I had some mixed feelings about this game. Would I enjoy it as much as FarCry 4? Would I be able to master the bow as a main weapon? The bow in FarCry 4 was horrible, super hard to master so I was super skeptical. BUT THE BOW in PRIMAL = AMAZING!!!! The feeling, THE power, the arrows, how easy it was to master (the way I like it) everything about it is fantastic. I never want to use a different weapon again! Except for the spear, throwing spears almost outshine the bow in how fun it was to use. If the bow was powerful and made enemies hit by an arrow fall back then the spear made them FLY BACKWARDS!

Another amazing thing in Primal is the beasts. You become a beast master who not only hunt beasts but tame some of them as well. These beast are very useful in fights. You can send your beast in a camp doing all the hard work while you stay at a comfortable distant sniping. What about that you can ride on your beasts? Tame a saber-toothed tiger or a cave bear then jump up and just trample everyone in your way, if someone gets away just throw your spear or let the sharp claws do their work.

Otherwise the games is a typical FarCry game where you take over camps/villages, towers/bonfires, hunt, collect material for upgrades, find different art/collectibles, help your people and so on.

I enjoyed this game a lot, mostly because of the feeling in the controls with the bow. The story wasn’t too bad, the two big final quests really surprised me. I thought they both would be “take over that camp and kill the leader”. Well, that was true but they were completely different from each other and really fun to play.

Need to be said, this game is brutal!

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