The LEGO movie is awesome!!

We’re a bit late to the bandwagon, didn’t see the LEGO movie until yesterday.. Even though everyone was talking about it when it came out, we still had the feeling it was a movie for kids.. damn were we wrong! Myself and NinjaBrite had a blast watching it on Netflix! They did such a great job merging all the various universes that LEGO franchises 🙂


The line up for voice actors were really amazing too! 😀 Here’s just a few:

will-arnett will-ferrell morgan-freeman

Our favorite character was definitely the 1980’s something space guy! We were so happy when he finally got to build his SPACESHIP!!!


Batman was also hilarious ^_^ Such a douche! Haha! Reminded me of HISHE’s Super Café series! Another good one was Good Cop / Bad Cop and how they used real life items like “relics” in the LEGO world! Like the KRAGL (Krazy Glue), the bandaid and cue tips with rubbing alcohol! LOL! You just gotta watch it!

good-cop bad-cop

“We’re from the planet duplo, and we’re here to destroy you”


Seriously if you haven’t seen it then go watch the LEGO movie, NOW! What are you waiting for?!? ;D


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