May the fourth be with you!!

All of us Geeky Gals are deeply in love with Star Wars, it’s just so legendary and epic! So OF COURSE we will celebrate May the 4th, the Star Wars Day! 😀 We have done so by revisiting all of our Star Wars movies, games, merchandise and everything else Star Wars related ^__^ You might have seen our frenzy on instagram today (sorry for the spam, but it is indeed a special day in need of some loving dedication!).

NinjaBrite has pulled forth old vintage Star Wars toys from the late 70’s to early 80’s, Wobbly has scoured her job (at GAME) for various Star Wars related subjects, stopXwhispering has photographed all her retro games with Star Wars and MissDeluxe has a birthday today, yes on MAY THE FOURTH! 😀 The force is strong with that one ;D

So here’s a recap of everything we have posted on both Geeky Gals and Retro Gaming today ^_^ Enjoy the Star Wars loveliness!

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