Sony at E3 2015 brought the house down!
Some other geeky gals might have you thinking that we are all xbox fangirls, but thats not the case. 😀 How can anything be better than what Sony had to offer at their press conference!?

When I saw that they started with The Last Guardian I knew it was gonna be a good show. But I had no idea! I just sat on the edge of my seat clutching my hands during the whole trailer. FINALLY The Last Guardian is actually coming out. We are going to get to climb around on a giant puppy-bird-thingy 🙂

The Last Guardian PS4

Then they drop this bomb. How about shenmue 3? U wantz? YES WE WANT IT TAKE ALL OUR MONEY. The kickstarter reached it’s goals pretty fast of course.

Shenmue III PS4

When you think that all you are getting is a weird FF made for babies ??? and then you see the look in his eyes and you understand that shit is about to get real. I just lost it. I. Cant. Even.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4

And I am also really excited about the other games they showed. like No Man’s Sky and Horizon Zero Dawn which feels like a mash up of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved 🙂 Here is to hoping its as good!!

Sony won E3 in my book, no questions about it! ❤

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