Thoughts on E3 2015 – OMFG Backwards compatibility!!

The most exciting news that Xbox One brought us on yesterdays Xbox Live briefing at E3 2015 was definitely backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 in my opinion! I still have so many games for the Xbox 360 that I haven’t had time to play yet (a grand total of 252 Xbox 360 retail games where almost a third are unplayed >_<)… So this is super exciting since I hardly ever boot up my 360 any more! They will start by releasing 100 games by the xmas holiday I guess, then another 100 continuously in the following months.. I hope they will cover as much as possible of the entire 360 library, because apart from my 252 retail games I have well over 300 XBLA titles that I would love to be able to play on my Xbox One! It will probably take a while before all of my games will be available, but hopefully I’ll see them all show up on XBONE eventually! 🙂

Xbox 360 games

There were of course a lot of great games featured on the briefing as well. I’m super excited about the upcoming Cuphead “Don’t deal with the devil” game from Studio MDHR. It’s a 2 player co-op game that me and Becki will surely enjoy! I hope it’s both gonna be local and online co-op ^_^ Unfortunately it won’t come out until 1936 + 80 years ;D which means next year… but it will be a PC and Xbox One exclusive title ^_^

Another release that I’m really happy about is the Rare Replay compilation of 30 hit games produced by Rare ^_^ I know these are not new games, but I personally love playing retro games, and I’m thrilled when I get to do so on my Xbox and get achievements!! 😀 Among these titles you’ll find Battletoads, R.C. Pro-Am I & II, Lunar Jetman, Jet Pac, Banjo Tooie, Banjo Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Zero, Digger T.Rock, Solar Jetman, Cobra Triangle and lots more! 😀

Other games that I’m excited for are of course Halo 5 Guardians and Plants VS Zombies 2! But I’m pretty sure Becki will cover these since it’s her favorites ;D

I also really really need this new Xbox One Elite controller!! Gief now plz!!!!! 😀

Xbox One Elite Wireless ControllerNow I’m heading off to catch up on what Sony is up to…

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on E3 2015 – OMFG Backwards compatibility!!

  1. omg the art style is so awesome! Honestly, it’s making me consider buying an xbox one so I can play it!


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