The Behemoth 4th game looks #Awesome!!

While watching the E3 briefing from Xbox One I saw a short glimpse of some gameplay in a montage that looked very much like the totally amazing art style of The Behemoth games (Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater and Alien Hominid). I got extremely curious since I absolutely love their previous games! So I checked it out on their website. There is a game in production with the working title of “Game 4”, and it’s a turn-based strategy game. I’m not usually into turn-based games or strategy, but after watching the 20 minute game play video it’s a must have! Their humor and art style are just a delight to watch! It’s also gonna be co-op both online and offline which we love ❤

The 4th game will be released on Steam and Xbox One, probably not until next year.. but we will get to see a Behemoth game on Xbox One before that since they are releasing a remastered version of Castle Crashers this summer!! 😀 I’ve spent countless of hours running through Castle Crashers when I first got my Xbox 360, it’s one of the most enjoyable and re-playable games on that system in my opinion! ^_^ Castle Crashers Remastered will get increased texture sizes, better framerate, performance updates and improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer and a new mini game called Back Off Barbarian! 😀

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