Geeky Gals 1 year anniversary giveaway!

Geeky-Gals-Famicom-cart-giveaway2This week it was one year ago since we came up with the idea of Geeky Gals and created our instagram account 🙂 We’re celebrating this with a giveaway! We have made our own custom Famicom cartridge, inside is a mystery Famicom game ;D But the label is Geeky Gals!

The competition is open for another day, so make sure to follow us and share the giveaway on either instagram, twitter or facebook and you will have the chance to win this game! 😀 Use the hashtag #GeekyGalsGiveaway. On Sunday the 2nd of August we will draw a lucky winner! ^_^

We spent our evening celebrating the anniversary by playing Minecraft together, such a relaxing game ^_^ We made a small Geeky Gals tribute in our world ;D Heidi mostly dug obsessively, Jinn decorated our house and found a cool Donkey Kong painting, while Becki built a tower to the top of the world and then jumped off it! haha ^^

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