The Nintendo Virtual Boy – Virtual Reality 20 years ago

Yesterday was the 20th birthday of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. Released in between the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64, the Virtual Boy was an experimental console exploring the popular virtual reality concept of the 90’s. It unfortunately didn’t make it all the way, even though the system portrays an image with 3D depth, it could only do so in monochromatic colours, in the Virtual Boy’s case everything was in black and red.

Even though the Virtual Boy was a commercial disaster and sales only reached around 700k units, it can still be looked back upon today as something extraordinary. Nintendo has never been afraid of trying new things, which can be seen in everything from their Game & Watch systems back in the early 80’s to their Wii with motion controllers and Wii Fit board in this age. The Virtual Boy is indeed a unique system, and looking at today’s popularity and interest in virtual reality tech (such as project Morhpeus, the HoloLens, Oculus etc) the Virtual Boy was indeed ahead of its time.

Check out stopXwhispering’s Retro Gaming blog for a more extensive review of all the Virtual Boy games and more history of the Virtual Boy 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Nintendo Virtual Boy – Virtual Reality 20 years ago

  1. I wish they’d re-release some of the games on another consoles. Yeah you might loose the 3D aspect but, I don’t know how important that really is.


    1. I think most of the games would be fine without the 3D 🙂 There are still some interesting games to be found on there, I really love Vertical Force! Would make a great regular shmup, and it would be awesome to see it re-made with colours ;D


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