Mortal Kombat X – A love story

As a lover of the video game fighting genre, Mortal Kombat X makes the perfect tool to settle any fuss. A few years ago, my best friend started collecting old Mortal Kombat games and challenged me to a fight. With martial art history and a competitive mind we went on for hours. This also sparked my liking of the title, so this is my declaration of love for MKX.

I still remember as a kid when my brothers, my father and I had homemade Tekken Tag tournaments on our Playstation 2, where winning meant eternal glory. From a family where winning was important, my father would always chose Ling Xiaoyu, which he used to constantly repeat the same attack combination over and over until he won. Me and my brothers would sit and train multiple characters for endless hours to have a lot of champions with winning attack combinations ready for a new tournament, but we still usually lost in the end. We realized that the game wasn’t really balanced and we called our fathers method of winning to “att fega” in Swedish, which would roughly translate to the “coward-method”. This is obviously an example of a game where game-balance wasn’t really tuned.

With Mortal Kombat X there is no place to corner the other opponent, because on every stage in the corners there is a quick way out by pressing R1 (on Ps4). You have objects on every stage that can be grabbed and smashed at the opposition (they can only be used once and the distance needs to be right to make a hit) and using the same attack combination over and over eventually drains the speed of the attack combination – enabling the opposition to intervene and escape any possibility of being exposed to “att fega”. This makes for better fights, where skill is rewarded rather than pure luck.

Mortal Kombat X Screenshot

As a new element to the title, which I personally really enjoyed, they introduced three different focuses to each character. This is chosen in the fighter selection menu. Depending on which focus you chose, you can use different special attacks. This makes for a strategic spice in the game.

Mortal Kombat X Screenshot

What really makes me fall in love with the game though is the story mode. In case you’ve played MK9, the story in MKX takes place 20 years later. I really love how the gameplay starts off as a movie, showing certain characters discussing and how it evolves into a challenge and from there the stage merges into a fight. It’s an entertaining way to show the story for the audience and quite nice knowing that you get to try out different fighters on the way towards the end boss.

Mortal Kombat X Screenshot

A lot of the original characters are still in the game and this game focuses a lot on certain ones that have been in the game since the first one from 1992. With the graphics, really good game balance and fantastic kick-ass potential – I’m in love ❤

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