A new arcade in Sweden! Hooray! Can you believe it?
Hey STHLM is an all new project started by a few enthusiastic souls.
Inspired by the Japanese arcade, the first steps have been taken!
Of course, I had to visit during the first opening night!

Hey Sthlm sign

In a narrow back alley in central Stockholm, you will find this sign, pointing in towards a club called RoQ.
At first glance, you will just see a couple of pinball machines, a bar, and a big hall of pool tables.
We actually had to ask the staff where the arcade was located!
We were told to go as far in to the left as we could. And so, we finally reached the magic door!

The room was very small and crowded, but you didn’t have to wait long for your turn, even if the machines were set to FREE PLAY. 🙂 People were very nice. On regular nights you’ll have to pay to play though, but I can’t remember how much. Anyway, I really hope that people will continue to visit so that they won’t have to shut down! And maybe in the future we can wish for a bigger place!

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