Comic Con GAMEX in Stockholm 2015

This weekend Geeky Gals attended Comic Con / GAMEX in Stockholm, and it was even bigger than last year! This year it was held at Friends Arena, and the amount of cosplayers were overwhelming! 😀 So much fun to see!
It was the first time all 4 of us original Geeky Gals got to go to a convention simultaneously, since we all live in different towns around Sweden it’s been hard to round us all up! Haha.

Geeky Gals at ComicCon Gamex 2015

We also had a mini-geek with us, Heidi’s niece Maya. She really liked the Adventure Time girls and all the cute plushies! Then Jinn crushed her in a video game to show her who’s the boss! XD

We spent most of the time just running around talking to all the cool people there, and taking pictures of all the amazing cosplays! 😀 There were so many more we didn’t manage to photograph, but we saw you, and you were awesome! All of you! 😀

Let’s start with a collage of cosplayers, enjoy all the awesomeness ^_^

There was SO much loot there it was crazy. We didn’t know were to begin! Tons of Japanese influences in toys, clothes, snacks and drinks! Almost felt like we were back in Tokyo again, only so much more expensive… >_<

Comic Con Gamex in Stockholm was awesome! Can’t wait for next year ^_^

5 thoughts on “Comic Con GAMEX in Stockholm 2015

    1. Thanks! We will definitely be at more cons, it’s the highlights of the year 😀 Hope to see you there too, and your crew! ;D
      Will I be in trouble if I don’t have a license? haha XD


  1. Sounds great! Hope to bring even more Judges for next year. Hope to get around at some other cons as well during next year. Will do a few in England/Scotland.
    Why yes… yes you will mam. 😉

    Shine on!


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