Let’s play Minecraft the Card Game!

For christmas me and Jinn found a perfect christmas gift for Becki. We all play or have played a lot of Minecraft, it’s a game we keep coming back to, because it’s just so addictive and fun to play! Becki is also into board games a lot, so when we saw Minecraft the Card Game we just knew it was perfect for her ^_^ Also we really wanted to play it together with her ;D

We decided to try it out not too long ago and we recorded our first game of Minecraft the Card Game, it was a lot of fun even though we had some disputes over rules and winning haha ^_^ Check it out!

Minecraft the Card Game can basically be played by anyone, you don’t really need actual Minecraft experience to play it ;D But if you have played Minecraft before, then the card game is probably much more enjoyable, because of all the references ^_^

Apart from playing Minecraft, both digitally and physically with cards we have also been “role playing” as Creepers and Endermen XD Hahaha!

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