Alien Isolation

Scary time! If you are like me and love a good horror story that scares she shit out of you, then Alien Isolation is a game for you! You can’t play this game for hours and hours in row, at least I couldn’t. Other people, that I’ve been sharing my game experience with, could only play for like 20 minutes at a time. What makes this game so scary? To be honest it’s mostly NOT seeing the Xenomorph that scares you, well it stands for the surprise effect that makes you scream, but mostly it’s your own brain that build up a paranoia. Constantly afraid that something might be watching you or hear you. To afraid to watch your beeping thing (motion detector), THE BEEPING SOUND IS SUPER LOUD (well it feels like it). I hardly ever use it more than 1 microsecond at a time. I have to mention the walking sound of the Xenomorph, the power in that movement is f**king terrifying, You realise that you have absolutely no chance what so ever against that ULTRA SUPER POWERFUL MONSTER! You’re an ant that he can step on!

Alien Isolation OMG ahh

I discovered that I was holding my breath a lot of the times sneaking around and the only way I moved forward was by sneaking. My heart rate was super fast at some points. I can’t count how many times I’ve hidden in a locker, under a table or wherever not daring to continue on until my heart rate returned to normal just to get scared again seconds after I got out. That horrifying alien is always around you… It’s better to have your eyes on him from behind than not knowing were he is, and he is not the only enemy on the space station.

Alien Isolation Hide

Alien Isolation Behind you

You play as Amanda Ripley and its 15 years after the events of Ellen Ripley’s first meeting with an alien life form. Amanda, daughter to Ellen Ripley, is an engineer and she enters a space station in search for the Nostromos flight recorder and information about what happened to her mother. The setting is absolutely amazing and very true to the Alien movie. The space station looks like how they thought the future would look like in the 70s.

Alien Isolation coffe room

Alien Isolation Amanda Ripley

This game isn’t just super scary it is super hard too. After some much frustrating hours I changed the difficultly to easy (!). There are no checkpoints only save points designed as emergency phones. Ahh the relief you feel when you hear that specific beep beep sound when you get close. Just hope you get to the phone before the Xenomorph comes around. A big thing adding to the difficulty is that the AI, the Xenomorph, is unpredictable. You cant learn it’s movement, it always changes. Dying doesn’t give you anything except frustration.

This game is not all good and scary, there are some parts in the middle where I got a bit bored, but that doesn’t change my love for this game. All those things that makes this game scary and the looks of it, even the loading screen, makes an Alien fan really happy! 🙂
Below is some videos and more pictures, Warning! Might contain Spoilers!

Alien Isolation Dead person

Alien Isolation another Alien Alien Isolation ship wreck Alien Isolation Get the pip out of there

Alien Isolation Help

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