Deadpool is truly badass!

I’ve just learned who Deadpool is.. I know, I probably should have known this before, I know that all the other Geeky Gals are completely into comics and the Marvel/DC universes. They can recite most things and know the stories behind every character. They read the books, the comics and are incredibly excited for each super-hero movie that comes out…. not so much. I’ve never really read a comic book, I don’t read books in general either.. I play video games! But I can still enjoy the occasional super-hero movie, like X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ironman etc.. (Green Lantern was totally lame though >_<) When Becki & Jinn approached me on seeing the Deadpool movie I was completely clueless to why this was so exciting though. Who’s Deadpool?! Anyway.. I decided to go with them, to see what all the hype was about.. I didn’t really care though.. until the day before, when I looked up trailers for the Deadpool movie! OMFG!!! o_O

I just realized why so many people were cosplaying as Deadpool at every convention we’ve gone to lately, I also now know to recognize who they are dressing up as XD  The trailer looked BADASS! Now I was totally psyched to see the movie! And when I finally saw it I was not disappointed one bit! The opposite indeed, I was astonished at how damn BADASS this movie was! It had me at the slow-motion action battle intro scene ❤

I loved how the movie was aware of it being a movie! I loved all the puns and references to other nerdy things, comics and heroes! I loved that Deadpool wasn’t a super-hero! I loved how they made fun of the fact that Ryan Reynolds had previously played Green Lantern, and it sucked XD I loved the amount of KICKASS this movie contained! I loved the humour and constant witty comments that were thrown between the actors when interacting with Deadpool. I loved how COOL this movie was! I loved the story telling! I loved the action! The comedy! I loved the visuals and special effects! I LOVED THAT DEADPOOL GOT HIS OWN MOVIE! And I can’t wait for the second one to come out 😀

I now love Deadpool ❤ (I don’t recommend your kids to see it though 😉 )


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