Cosplay at Retrospelsmässan 2015

We’ve divided our posts from Retrospelsmässan into three parts, Gaming / Cosplay / Shopping, this one covers Cosplay! This saturday at Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg we got to see loads of AMAZING cosplayers 😀 Pixelninja was there with her entire family dressed up as Airman, Dr. Wily and tiny Megaman ^_^ So cute! We also got to meet our friend Ulrik as the Predator again, this time bringing his friend Captain Haddock! Then we met Mr. Game & Watch who ended up battling the Predator! Who do you think would win in a fight? ;D

Becki met her hero Master Chief from Halo, and we saw the cutest Kirby cosplay! 😀 We also met an amazing Skullkid cosplay, Knuckles from Sonic, CoD Ghosts cosplay, a tiny Protoman, Super Mario and Hilda 🙂 Deadpool was sneaking around all over the place, he eventually got tired I guess ;D There were of course lots more cosplayers at RSM but these were the ones we managed to capture during the day ^_^

Tomorrow we’ll write about the amazingly nerdy shopping experience at Retrospelsmässan! 😀

6 thoughts on “Cosplay at Retrospelsmässan 2015

    1. Thanks Ashlee 🙂 Sorry we haven’t been to active lately, most of us recently got kids so the energy levels and spare time have significantly dropped XD But we’ll be back soon!


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