So, I guess that Kratos is a hipster dad rocking an awesome beard now? Cool cool.

Jinn is all juiced up on E3 and Heidi is a bit more skeptical! Comparing this year to the last, it’s hard to be as excited because both Microsoft and Sony totally delivered so frickn’ hard back in 2015. Some of the games they showed this year do look amazing though. Bringing Hideo Kojima out on stage so he could do his thang was quite the surprise! 😀 However pretentious and weird his new trailer for Death standing is (NAKED CRYING DARYL WITH CREEPY BABY IS NOT OK!?! IM SCARED) he still always owns the stage!

I was hoping for a new Rayman game, but Crash Bandicoot will certainly do! I have always loved platforming games! So full remastered versions of some of our favorite games as kids makes us sooo happy!

Days gone looked so much like what I want The Last of Us 2 to look like that it took me half the trailer to give up on the idea. 😦 The gameplay looks sick and freaking intense! So many zombies, but they looked kind of generic. I just want my mushroom growing clickers and I want them now!
Feels like every game coming out now is set in an apocalyptic dystopian, ReCore, Days Gone, Event Horizon Zero Dawn… Not that we are complaining, ReCore looks fab ❤ But it would be refreshing with some new ideas 😉

So disappointed that both No Mans Sky and Kingdom Hearts 3 was a no show. ;__; We also missed Red Dead Redemption 2 and Heidi was hoping for a Borderlands sequel!!! WHERE IS BORDERLANDS 3?!?!? 😦 gief naow plz…

The new Zelda looks like it should be called Far Cry 5 Hyrule :,D Apart from that we didn’t really pay attention to the Nintendo press conference.. 😛

The Xbox One S looks amazing! It’s slim and white and clean and beautiful! It has a built in AC adaptor which makes the power chord less clunky, this is good since it’s quite crowded in the cabinet below my TV XD The new controller also has increased range to connect to the Xbox One, this is much needed since I have a lot of issues when I’m cooking and talking to Becki through an Xbox party simultaneously XD I want one! But I’m not sure whether I should wait for Project Scorpio instead.. I want to see what it looks like though!!

On the Microsoft press conference they announced that Windows 10 and Xbox One will be connected, like you could buy a game on Xbox One and also play it on your computer. It will also open up for cross-play between the two platforms. This doesn’t really interest me whatsoever though, since I’m a Mac user, and so are most of my friends ;D

Some new features were announced for Xbox One as well, like Background Music when you play a game. This is something that is probably going to be good for people who play the same game for weeks or months and get sick of the original soundtrack. I however prefer to switch games and get new experiences (and achievements!) as often as I can ^_^ I wonder if they will make the background music compatible with Spotify for example, that would be great! I hope that you don’t have to start uploading mp3s to your Xbox One HD… o_O
Another new feature will be Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox One. These all depend on the interface and the usability of the features.. then again, I already have 200+ friends on Xbox Live, so it’s not really an issue finding people to play with when you feel like it.. but it’s a good thing for people who are looking to connect 🙂

They are still talking about backwards compatibility on the Xbox One with the 360. They did release some 100 games after last E3, but I don’t even know if they’ve released any more. They’re not particularly good at marking it! When the first 100 came out I just downloaded all the games I previously had on the Xbox 360, but then I haven’t bothered checking to see if new ones have come out. I wish they would have had some kind of standing notice on the Xbox One interface about it, like with Games with Gold, where you could just go in and see which new 360 releases that are being offered. I don’t know, they might have this somewhere deep inside the store, but then it’s not marketed good enough because I haven’t found it! >_<

The friendly update on Minecraft is going to be awesome! I hope… I’m glad they’re finally releasing an update that makes it possible for you to play on your friends’ worlds where you have been working together to build something, instead of having to wait for them to come online. Minecraft Realms seem to deliver this and also lets you connect with people on various devices. I wonder if they’ll let people on Xbox One and PS4 play together in that case as well?? That would be amazing 😀

Mona is really excited about the customizable xbox one controller XD I bet she’ll make it pink with pink details ^_^ I don’t really care for colors, I like my controllers black ;D Then again.. maybe black with completely black buttons instead of the red, green, blue and yellow ^_^ Niiiiice… 😀

Limbo is now going to be available for free on Xbox One since the creators are releasing a new game. I love Limbo ^_^ But I hope it’s released as an Xbox One game and not just a backwards compatible 360 game, I want the achievements again!! ;D Otherwise I’m not sure I will replay the game again since I’ve already maxed it out…

Titanfall 2 is coming. I played a bit of Titanfall 1 when I first got my Xbox One, but I found the lack of a real campaign (that everything is basically online multiplayer) a bit disturbing. I ended up playing Garden Warfare much more instead ^_^ Now Titanfall 2 is also coming on PS4 though?! I thought it was an exclusive IP to Microsoft.. apparently not.

EA showed a game called Fe and it looks so cute ^_^ It reminds me of the old school 3D adventure games like Banjo Kazooie, but with a much prettier color scheme 😀

I really respect the Battlefield franchise, and I probably like it a little bit extra because it’s Swedish XD I haven’t really played it though.. any of them XD But I’ve seen my fiancée play it a lot, and this new one looks nice, I bet he’ll appreciate it 🙂 It beats CoD any day ;D

This was the shared thoughts about E3 2016 from Jinn & Heidi,

What was you favorite moment?

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    1. Cool! That’s really awesome that you got to try it out! 😀 I’ve never been into any Zelda games.. and I don’t think I’m gonna start now. I rarely play major single player adventures as it is.. mainly because they’re just too time consuming 😦

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