I never thought I would GO Pokémon…

So this weekend Pokémon Go was released in Sweden. Many have been playing it before the actual release by using the trick of getting an Apple ID from a country where it was already released. During the hype of last week I did try that too but I couldn’t get it working so I dropped it.. however.. after Saturday night’s party I finally got it up and running.. and I hunted down 6 Pokémon on my way back to the hotel!

Pikachu! - Pokémon Go

I’m really grateful for my friends telling me about the trick of getting Pikachu straight away! Apparently you just have to walk away from the three beginner-Pokémon they hand you at the start. Once you’ve walked away from them 3 or 4 times Pikachu will pop up close to you and you can catch it! 😀 My first Pikachu was very low level, but I’ve since found another one a little bit better ^_^

Somehow I wasn’t at all hungover the day after, instead I spent 5 freaking hours hunting down Pokémon and getting Pokémon stops all over Malmö with Jinn until I had to take my train back home. We caught so many Pokémon and met incredibly friendly people everywhere! Even the people that were from opposing teams close to the gyms were all friendly and we were laughing together ^_^

I think Pokémon is a good thing. In Sweden people are usually very reluctant to reach out to other people, there’s no smiles on the bus and people never say “hi” to strangers, but since Pokémon Go was released everyone is just happy and friendly and even engage in conversations with strangers! It’s amazing ^_^

Apart from this positive trait that Pokémon Go has enabled it also make people go outside. I am one of them! I never exercise or move outside my living room or my video games unless I really really have to. As soon as I got home (I live on the country side in the middle of a forest) I tried entering Pokémon Go to see if I had any stops or Pokémon hanging out around my place. The servers were so over-crowded by that time though that I couldn’t even get in >_< So I started making dinner instead. When dinner was finished my phone (which had been lying beside me attempting to connect for about an hour) finally managed to log into Pokémon Go! And off I went.. I didn’t even wait and eat dinner since I was concerned of being thrown out again. I walked around for another 2 hours just chasing Pokémon in the forest XD

They’re not as common in the country side or forest areas as when you walk around in crowded places and cities, but they do appear 🙂  I was trying to catch a shadow of a crab but couldn’t manage to find him no matter how far I walked in either direction 😦 When I got home I read a guide on how to track animals with the footsteps that you can find in the lower right corner. Apparently there’s a bug going on right now, making it so that all the animals have three footsteps (indicating that they’re far far away). I hope they will fix this bug soon! I want to be able to chase the ones down that I don’t have!! Anyway, as soon as it’s fixed I recommend reading this guide which seemed to make quite a lot of sense ^_^ Apparently the closer to the top left they are the closer they are, but as you can see below they all still have three footsteps which is not supposed to be the case.. They’re supposed to decrease to two or one indicating how close they are..

I eventually went home when my legs started feeling like spaghetti (walking for about 8 hours in one day!) and heated up my food. This morning I managed to catch a few more Pokémon and on my lunch hour I spent most of the time hunting! I caught another 23 Pokémon in just one lunch break XD I was also amazed at the amount of Poké-stops and gyms there were in my small town! There was even a lure set out on one of the stops during lunch break! After work I spent another 2 hours in town learning how the gyms worked, I managed to capture one for bit, but apparently everyone here are in the blue team so I didn’t get much backup..

This game is highly addictive, and fun! I easily get addicted to games when it comes to collecting, I’ve never played any of the previous Pokémon games though.. I’ve encountered a few of the Pokémon animals through other games like Super Smash Bros, or through Egoraptors PokeAwesome video XD But I’m slowly learning the names of all of them now XD I can’t wait until I have a strong enough team to conquer the gyms in my hometown! ^_^ Here’s the various species of Pokémon I’ve unlocked so far 🙂 I have barely powered anything up and only evolved two of them, I’m basically waiting around to get better versions of them first before I spend all my Stardust and Candy 😀

It’s going to be interesting to see how long the hype will last!

Are you playing Pokémon Go yet? Got any tips you’d like to share with a beginner? And what team did you pick?!? 😀

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