Manyland – create your own pixels and play with them!

A friend recently told me about this game called Manyland. It supposedly has millions of players, and you can play it in your browser, on Steam, on your iPhone or iPad etc.. I just started it up on my phone when we were on the train and my friend was explaining it. It looked pretty, I wasn’t sure what it was though, but I revisited it on my computer when I got home and daaaamn… I couldn’t stop playing for a week straight! Every evening!

Manyland gif

Manyland is basically a mix of Minecraft, Terraria and an MMO. You build stuff yourself like in Minecraft except you can do even more in Manyland, you even draw the blocks or things you want to place, pixel by pixel! This is so addictive, I’ve just been making a bunch of pixel art and can’t stop! It’s also like Terraria in the way that it’s a 2D platforming type of game, the controls are smooth and it’s fun to jump around. You can even acquire vehicles and wings and airplanes and space shuttles, whatever you feel like drawing, and you can program it to work the way you want 🙂 It’s also like an MMO in the way that there’s a major community on there, you can communicate with other people and chat in real time. You can build worlds, adventures and puzzles with different mechanics and you can have people visit them, or you can play what other people have created.

Mixing this many different genres into one game usually doesn’t work out that well, but in Manyland’s case they’ve done a splendid job of putting it all together in a user friendly way, and it’s fun! It’s so much fun just running around in “everywhere” and seeing what other people have created! There’s a lot of really amazing pixel artwork, but also loads of mayhem of memes, nerdy stuff and a mix of colors that makes it look like a rainbow unicorn puked all over the place XD

I recommend everyone to give it a try! If you have any questions about it or need some help or advice then feel free to ask them here in the comments and I’ll see if I can be of help 🙂 I’m still exploring it myself, but I’ve learned quite a lot of things so far 🙂 Here’s some of the stuff I’ve created in my world ^_^ Like a catch-a-ride building inspired from Borderlands where I’ve collected all the vehicles I’ve found, a skin-depot where I keep all the skins I’ve found and created, a garden and a Game Boy Tetris wall XD etc..-

If you’re into pixel graphics then go check out Manyland! You just have to go to the website and it’ll start playing immediately 😀 If you want your progress to be saved you need to log in with either a Google or Facebook account, then you’re all set to begin creating your own world ^_^

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