Nintendo strikes again!

Niantic, one of the Nintendo company partners, released the viral mobile app game called Pokemon Go a few weeks ago. The hype has not only spread itself among us Geeky Gals, it’s on everyone´s lips and minds by now. As this is a perfect start on the summer with good weather conditions not being the only reason to go outside now, Nintendo also released the news of their “new” miniature console hitting the stores in November. I’m talking about a remastered version of the triumph console, originally released in 1985 – the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)!

It’s back in business, but in a smaller version with HDMI output and 30 of the most popular games preinstalled. Titles such as Metroid, Pac-Man, Zelda, Super Mario and Donkey Kong are coming back and there is no need to connect your old console if you’ve stored it safely in the attic. The price tag lands around 60$ for the console with one controller, with possibilities to purchase additional controllers for the co-op experience you might have enjoyed back in the days.

Or, if you are into retro games you might have enjoyed the NES lately and for those of you looking at this going “Meh.”, I tell you – unless you feel like your game of choice is not on the preinstalled list and prefer the old fashioned method with cartridges, I highly recommend this mini NES for less cables and less space. For those whom have never or rarely tried one of these classic titles on the NES this could be a money saving alternative for a gaming evening with challenges from the past, training your patience and button-mashing abilities.

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