Castlevania on Netflix – an epic prologue

The new Netflix original series Castlevania is out! Being a long time Castlevania fan and Castlevania game collector I have been super excited for this release! Is it as epic as I had hoped? O_o

Castlevania Netflix - Trevor Belmont sarcastic

Last night I watched all 4 episodes and they’ve really captured the Castlevania spirit in my opinion 🙂 The Castlevania games usually revolve around a character from the Belmont family, who is destined to fight Dracula. The story of the Netflix Castlevania is based around Trevor Belmont. Trevor Belmont is the protagonist from the third Castlevania game for the NES: Castlevania Dracula’s Curse. Trevor also appears in Curse of Darkness which was released for the PS2 and Xbox.

Trevor Belmont VS DRACULA

The creators did a great job with Dracula’s character. It all begins with an insight into why Dracula unleashes his fury onto the people. Very capturing! And it’s also really dark and bloody which you would expect from a Castlevania title 🙂

“After this fight the Belmont name shall be honoured by all people”


The prologue

The four episodes make a well-made prologue leading up to the game, Dracula’s Curse. Trevor meets a lot of his allies from the game and they’ve made both the story capturing and the characters interesting. You get to see Trevor’s transformation from being a banished rude man with an uncaring attitude and alcoholic problems to a man who is reinstating his hope in humanity and determines to fight for it. They’ve managed to put som wit and comedy into the writing without making it a nuisance to the overall “Castlevania”-feeling of it. Trevor is a believable character, and it’s interesting to get a face and a personality to the character that you’ve played from the old 8-bit game 😀

THE SPIRIT OF Dracula’s Curse

A lot of the elements, characters and surroundings of the original Dracula’s Curse game has been taken into account and re-appeared in some shape or form in this anime.

Alucard – the son of Dracula

Just like in the game Trevor gets to face off with Alucard, the half human son of Dracula. They’ve used references to the Alucard we know from Symphony of the Night for Playstation. His long blade and blonde hair. It’s epic! ( Did anyone else get Sepiroth vibes? ^_^ ) And just like in the game, Dracula’s Curse, he joins you in the fight to end Dracula’s evil reign.

Equipped with the famous Vampire Killer whip Trevor and his new found friends set off to battle Dracula.

Castlevania Netflix - Vampire Killer

What should we expect next?

It’s a great ending, I really don’t mind that it’s basically just a prologue of merely 4 episodes. I actually hope they will create more of these kind of prologues for various Castlevania games and their main protagonists. To get to see what happened before the main characters decided to wield the whip and enter Dracula’s castle. Because what happens next we already know, if you’ve played the game that is 😉

It would be super fun to see what lead up to the events of other Castlevania games, to get to explore the characters of Simon Belmont, Sonia Belmont, Christopher Belmont, Richter Belmont or Alucard growing up etc..
I hope that’s what they’ll do 🙂 But even if they just continue on the same story and re-enact the events of Dracula’s Curse in upcoming seasons that’s ok too. I’m just super psyched that we finally have an awesome animated adaption of Castlevania ^_^

What did you think of Netflix’s Castlevania?

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