Joystick 9.0 – live symphonic video game music!

Yes! It’s time again for another Joystick concert! Joystick 9.0 is taking place at Malmö Live concert hall on Saturday the 25th of March! Don’t miss out on this amazing event! It’s the ninth year in a row that Malmö Symphonic Orchestra plays soundtracks from video games. It’s one of their most popular events 🙂

This year the concert will be focused on some of the most played soundtracks with music from video games such as Halo, The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda and GTA 😀 They’re also honouring the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII by playing a bunch of songs from there!

These are the songs that will be played:

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy
Battlefield 2
Legend of Zelda
Diablo III
Angry Birds
Super Mario Galaxy
Portal 2
Seasons of War
Call of Duty
Final Fantasy
– Main Theme
– Hymn of Faith
– Liberi Fatali
– Never Forget
– Far Horizons
– Theme
– Suite
– Overture
– Main Theme
– Gusty Garden Galaxy
– Cara Mio Addio
– The Ocean on his Shoulders
– Soviet Connection
– World of Warcraft
– Modern Warfare 2 Theme
– One Winged Angel

Geeky Gals Music Quiz
Apart from this awesome concert of orchestrated video game music the day will be filled with happenings on Malmö Live! Us Geeky Gals will once again host a music quiz based on video game music before the concert! This will take place around 17:30, about 1,5 hours before the concert starts. Anyone is free to drop by and attend 🙂 Anyone can compete and there’s a price to be won for the most skilled video game music connoisseur 😀

Hope to see you there! Meanwhile check out what happened at last years’ Joystick here >>

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