2017 recap & games of the year

2017 was a busy year for most of us Geeky Gals. Buying houses, moving to new flats, getting new jobs, having babies etc. But we still got a lot of geeky stuff mixed in to our daily life, and we managed to attend quite a few events as well, like Retrospelsmässan, Joystick, Retrospelsfestivalen, Retro Gathering etc.

Apart from celebrating winter-een-mas, throwing game nights, watching and re-watching Star Wars the Last Jedi, attending comic-cons and game shows we have also indulged in a lot of gaming this past year. Here’s some of our thoughts on the best and also worst of gaming 2017!

Cuphead rocked my world ❤

In my opinion Cuphead was by far the best game of 2017, nothing else came close to its perfection. The love that StudioMDHR put into this game is apparent, each stage and each boss is thought through and made into an amazing challenge! I spent so much time memorizing all the patterns and perfecting each stage, it was pure joy to go through this beautiful pearl of a game ❤

Another thing that I really appreciated about Cuphead was that apart from feeling like an old school game in the gameplay (and even older in the art style), it was also released like the old games. Not that it came on a cartridge or anything (which would have been awesome) but in the fact that it’s complete, compared to many other games today which arrive half-done with patch after patch along the way. It also came complete in the sense that it didn’t have micro-transactions or DLCs that you would have to purchase later for the full experience. Much appreciated!

Sonic Mania was an AWESOME retrotrip!

It feels just like being a kid again playing Sonic 2. 😊 We love the changes they’ve made to the game while still keeping it true to the original 90s style. They’ve kept all the things that were amazing about the original Sonic games on the Sega Mega Drive and added a few new elements that fit right in. This truly is the game that us Sonic fans have been waiting for 😀
WobblyMintFlava & stopXwhispering

Horizon Zero Dawn

I thought my GOTY choice was done in February. Horizon zero dawn was (and still is) an amazing game! I bought myself a PS4 Pro at the same time the game came out and got sucked into the world instantly. I LOVE Ashly Burch (HAWP) who voices Aloy and I thought it was the perfect combination of open world and beautiful gameplay.

A new Zelda…

It was a long time ago I was excited about a Nintendo console so I was very skeptical of the Switch when it came out. I didn’t want another Wii U with a weird touchpad, subpar graphics and only a handful of games.

I waited until October before buying it second hand with Zelda Breath of the Wild. Everyone was right, I was wrong. The Switch is amazing, easy to use and already has a great library of games.
I’m now a Nintendo fan-girl screaming about food recipes and Ancient Cores… 😂

Yes Zelda BOTW is game of the year all category’s, all formats, all genres for me.

Dishonored 2, an excellent sequel

The best game I played during 2017 was absolutely Dishonored 2! A perfect stealth vs action game with many ways to playthrough, both character wise and chosen way of playing. Picking up where the first Dishonored left off in a perfect dirty beautiful steam punk setting where magic exists as the void. The details are gorgeous and the sounds are so perfectly incorporated in the chapters you play. Birds and crickets chirping when visiting a mediterranean city with a touch of the tropics or the howling wind in that creepy old building full of witches. Arkane Studios thought of everything. (And that’s why I at the moment am playing the DLC Death of the Outsider, never wanting it to end).

Assassin’s Creed Origins

An amazing and interesting story, and breathtaking graphics. The stealthy mechanics of Assassin’s Creed games has however disappeared. The game feels more like FarCry regarding the map, missions and outpost takeovers but I think it’s great. It’s also really interesting to get to play various characters, especially happy to finally see a playable female assassin 😀 even if it was only for a few missions..


Return to our Destiny (2)

Destiny was a game that many of us were hooked on. In 2017 it was time to return to this space adventure with our guardians! Destiny 2 did not disappoint us, even though we heard a lot of people who were not satisfied with it, we still enjoyed the ride and played it for quite some time last year 🙂

Shovel Knight Spectre of Torment

The new Shovel Knight game featuring Spectre Knight that came out on the Switch was just as awesome as its predecessor! Such an enjoyable well made game 😀

Rhythm tapping with Voez

Voez was one of the first games I played on my Switch, it was an intuitive and beautiful rhythm game where you used the touch screen to play along with music. Quite relaxing and also challenging on harder levels 🙂 I don’t think we get enough rhythm games on consoles anymore 😦

2017 Dissapointments & let downs

New Minecraft

A new version of Minecraft was released on Xbox One, a version which enabled Realms. Even though realms was a great initiative (several people being able to play on a world without the host being online) the game still had a lot of new features that made it worse in my opinion. The biggest thing being that they removed the coordinates from maps (unless you activate “the cheat” that then disables achievements) and that the maps were a lot smaller and already discovered when you activated one.. this removed a lot of the fun for me..

1-2 sucks

1-2 Switch really really should have been a game included with the Switch! Paying a full retail price for a game which only had 28 mini games that most were quite similar, short, boring and overall silly… it’s just outrageous..

DLC dissapointment

Even though we enjoyed playing Destiny 2 we have to point out that the first DLC content, Curse of Osiris, was quite the let down.. a few weird simple and repetetive story missions which didn’t quite fit in to the universe of Destiny (IMO) a raid and a few stages on crucible didn’t quite fit the price tag..

Backstreet Fantasy XV

Half of us agree, the most disappointing game of 2017 was Final Fantasy XV starring Backstreet Boys. Enough said. 😉 However some enjoyed it and played it through.. (NinjaBrite sometimes misses her Emo fantasy boys ❤ )

What were your favourites of 2017?

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