Geeky Gals hosting gaming competitions at Retrospelsmässan 2018

We’re delighted to announce that Geeky Gals will be hosting two gaming competitions at Retrospelsmässan on the 26th of May 2018! First game competition will be, in celebration of this games’ 20th anniversary, Golden Eye 007 on Nintendo 64! There can be up to 40 participants competing and we’ll play 4 player multiplayer games on the level Complex with Power Weapons. The scenario will be You only live twice, the game length is until the last man standing, but a maximum game length of 4 minutes will be clocked manually outside of the game. Characters are pre-set to Bond, Natalya, Ourumov and Xenia. Aim is set to Sight ON and Auto Aim OFF.

Golden Eye 007 N64 scoreboardIn the first round the first and second player of each game will advance to the second round where a total of 20 players will remain and once again fight on the same terms 4 on 4. First and second place player advance to the third round where we will have three matches containing 4, 3 and 3 players, here only the winning player advance to the final round and also a bonus finalist. The bonus finalist will be the runner up from the previous round who carries the highest total amount of kills through all the rounds. The signup for participating in the Golden Eye 007 competition starts at 10:00! Be by the stage to sign up on time if you wanna compete 😉 First come first served!

Due to some technical difficulties Retrospelsmässan will unfortunately not hold the regular Super Mario Bros competition. Instead it is being replaced by a competition in Super Tetris 3 on Super Famicom. We hosted a competition in this game last year and it was a hit! Read more about last years winner and the competition on Heidi’s Retro Gaming blog >>

Super Tetris 3 scoreboardThis competition will also be in multiplayer, 2 player VS mode.
32 people can compete and the winner will advance, so next round will be 16 players, then 8, then 4 and finally 2 competing to see who’s the Tetris champion! 😀 The signup for the Tetris competition starts at 12:30! Show up by the stage on time to be able to participate! First come first served 😉

Tetris is a classic game and it’s universal, appealing to all types of players, regardless of gender or age ❤  Did you know that Tetris was the first video game in space? A Russian cosmonaut brought his Nintendo Game Boy and a Tetris cartridge with him on his journey to the Mir space station back in 1993 😀

rsm logoWe hope to see you at Retrospelsmässan next Saturday!

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