Retrospelsmässan 2018 – Scandinavias largest retro gaming convention!

Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been running for over a decade now and is the largest retro gaming convention in Scandinavia. It was a successful convention this year as well! Around 4000 visitors came to Bananpiren in Gothenburg to play arcade games, try out old video game systems in the demo room, shop for retro games and gaming merchandise, socialise with likeminded people, cosplay, listen to live music inspired by video games, check out indie game developers, watch professional speedrunners and also compete!

We spent most of our time there yesterday on stage hosting video game competitions in Golden Eye 007 for Nintendo 64 and Super Tetris 3 on Super Famicom. A lot of people wanted to compete and we had great participants and an amazing audience! Thanks to everyone who participated!

People at Restrospelsmässan 2018

The Golden Eye 007 tournament was very exciting, we had a former speed runner of the game participate, and the finals stood between Mellis, Toste Lagerström, Linus Axelsson and Peter Magnusson. Mellis came out victorious and Peter Magnusson got a strong second place! 🙂 Mellis received an amazingly cool acrylic pixel painting made by sluskafan.

The second competition was Super Tetris 3 on Super Famicom. There were so many people in line to sign up for this competition that unfortunately everyone didn’t get the chance to compete. We would have loved to let everyone play, but unfortunately we were on a tight schedule. There were a lot of good Tetris players and eventually it was down to just two, Morten Sumez and Dave. Morten came out victorious and won a lovely piece of Tetris artwork also created by sluskafan 🙂

We had a great time at Retrospelsmässan and we’re already looking forward to next years convention! 😀

Here are the scoreboards if someone is interested in seeing how they did ^_^

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