Ascending into ASCENDANCE on Xbox One

Last night I scrolled through the Xbox Store and found they had some sweet deals on Artistic Adventures… usually those types of games are too slow and too narrative for my taste, but I bought a few that I thought might be ok. Most were considerably discounted. I began playing the first one that got downloaded, and it kept me hooked all evening! It’s called ASCENDANCE ^_^

ASCENDANCE is a game about … well.. ascending! You begin with a few columns to navigate through in order to get to an orb. Once you reach an orb more columns and platforms appear around you for you to traverse and reach new heights. It’s a game very similar to Refunct that I played some time ago and enjoyed. It’s very simplistic, the art style is minimalistic and clean. For me the Graphics of games have never really mattered, as long as the gameplay is fun and the controls are tight. This is true with ASCENDANCE.

Perhaps a bit short and sometimes easy, but finding and reaching all the hidden cubes makes for a bit of a challenge. I can definitely recommend checking it out, especially since it’s on a discount right now 🙂 I paid less than 40 SEK (about $4) for it.

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