Sci-Fi World 2022! Back in action!

Finally we are able to visit conventions again! We’re so happy that Sci-Fi world is back in action!

We visited Sci-Fi World in Malmö in the beginning of May and they hosted it in a new venue, Slakthuset, which was bigger and better than previous location. So many cosplayers, the Swedish Garrison with their amazing Star Wars cosplay was there, and so many vendors selling merchandise, vintage toys and artwork! It was a blast!! 😀

This was also the first time I had my daughter with me. She’s 4 and she was thrilled to see all the cosplayers, especially Darth Vader who is her idol! (She hasn’t seen the original movies yet). It was really interesting to see which toys she chose. She loves a lot of old franchises that I have introduced to her, so I wasn’t sure if she was gonna pick Star Wars related toys or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or something else. She picked Hordak, He-man with the Battle Cat Kringer and a Disco lightsaber! 😀 She also got a crystal from Elsa ❤

NinjaBrite also brought her youngest 🙂 And we saw some awesome Halo cosplayers ❤ I also persuaded NinjaBrite to take the selfie she wanted to but barely dared to take with Christopher Lambert! Starstruck!

Hanna was also with us, and it was her first convention! She is a big Star Wars fan, she found some toys and jewellery and was thrilled to see all the amazing cosplayers. Just look at that Chewbacca!

Looking forward to upcoming conventions ❤ Next up is maybe ComicCon Gamex in Stockholm! 😀
I won’t be allowed to go alone anymore though, my daughter has really gotten a taste of the nerdy world of conventions and she wants to go again!

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