Winter-een-mas 2023!

Finally we managed to meet up for a gaming weekend to celebrate Winter-een-mas again! If you don’t know what Winter-een-mas is or why we celebrate it, then check out our first post from when we celebrated Winter-een-mas 2017 here >>

This year Becki, Vera and my daughter Nova joined me in my retro game room to complete as many games as possible on Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately Vera could only be with us on Friday. We set up some Xboxes in the retro room as well to have a wide span of games from old to new to choose from.

Becki beat a bunch of games on Xbox One. Minesweeper Genius, Voyage in co-op together with Vera, Refunct, Habroxia and Sigi. Voyage was definitely the best experience, such a cute and beautiful co-op game where the characters could even hug each other in between solving the puzzle of advancing in the game ❤ I’m also very proud of Becki having gotten through both the shoot-em-up Habroxia and the retro-styled platformer Sigi. These types of games are usually not her cup of tea, but she pulled through and finished them! Good job!

I myself took the opportunity to revisit my entire Famicom Disk System library of 89 games in search of fairly enjoyable and possibly beatable games! XD On Friday I was determined to finish Ultraman: Kaijuu Teikoku no Gyakushuu. It was almost unbearable at times, but eventually I beat it and that was a great sense of achievement!

The day after I beat Donkey Kong Jr. which I had never really played past the first stage before. I also ran through Super Mario Bros on FDS, I’ve beat it many times before on NES, but never on Famicom Disk System, but it was basically the same! I also beat Doki Doki Panic which is basically Super Mario Bros 2 but with other characters (SMB2 is based on this game, they changed it up a bit when Nintendo of America thought the original Super Mario Bros 2 that they got in Japan was too difficult for us in the west XD)

All together we beat 9 games this weekend, which is quite good since we only spent a few hours in the evenings of Friday and Saturday ^_^ Looking forward to another Winter-een-mas celebration next year 🙂

Edit: On Sunday my 5-year old daughter Nova managed to beat Peppa Pig on Nintendo Switch and also finish Unpacked which she had been working on for a while on Xbox One! So we reached a total of 11 games this Winter-en-mas 😀

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