Less than a week to RSM 2015!!

This weekend, on May 16th, us Geeky Gals are attending one of Sweden’s largest Retro Gaming shows in Gothenburg! We are SO EXCITED!!! Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg has so much awesome stuff to offer! And it has grown incredibly fast in the 6 years it’s been going on. This year, like the others, they will have loads of gaming consoles, arcades and pinball machines that you can try out for free (there’s only an entrance fee of approximately $14.50) and they will host three gaming competitions. This year we will compete in Bomberman on the Sega Saturn, Super Mario Bros on the NES and Asteroids on Arcade! We will start practicing NOW 😀 Unfortunately we don’t have the arcade game of Asteroids, but this will have to do ^____^

Bomberman-games-SMB1-and-Asteroids RSM-competition-games

At Retrospelsmässan 2015 they will also have live speedruns of retro games and competitions in the best cosplay outfits. It’s always amazing seeing all the people so dedicated to cosplay showing up in their amazing costumes! 😀 Here’s some examples of previous years:

There’s also gonna be indie game developers showing off their games! This year we’ll get to see Alwa’s Awakening, else.Heartbreack() and The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human 😀


Apart from all this the best part, according to stopXwhispering ;), are all the retro video games up for sale! There are loads of resellers selling everything retro game related from the 70’s and forward ^__^ She is going to go on a shopping spree! 😀

So stay tuned this weekend, we will keep you posted on the happenings of Retrospelsmässan 2015 on Geeky Gals Instagram ^__^

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