Destiny the game you hate to love

Destiny, what is it all about? No one knows, the story is like…like…like…not there?…or? At least I don’t know the story and I’ve stopped caring. I don’t even remember what the goal in the missions are, and it is almost always the same. I’ve done the same thing over and over again so many times I’ve forgotten why my guardian exists. :/

Every day in Destiny looks the same, make a daily mission/quest to get shards to level up armor, finish some bounties for xp and finally collect helium filaments (or any of the other materials needed, but for me its ALWAYS that DAMNED helium). One day in 7 days I have something else to do, I can do the weekly strike! YaY! Or? Oh no, its nothing to get excited about,  I’ve done it before like a THOUSAND times. Well well if I do it I get some more marks or other stuff to buy new gear. I might even get some nice drops, I WISH! This isn’t Borderlands, there is hardly any drops at all.  When I do get new gear I can destroy it so I can get more SHARDS, much needed to LEVEL UP my best GEAR. MATERIALS MATERIALS more MATERIALS that’s what destiny is all about!

So why do I play the game? Is it because it’s fun hanging out in the tower, dancing, kicking football, flying, pushing other guardians over the edge? Yes this is one of the reasons. Being social with other destiny players who share your love/hate of Destiny. Destiny players are the only ones who understand my love and hate for the game, because we all feel the same! But there has to be another reason to play the game, and that is the controls! Oh yes! Bungie knows how to make people love killing! The controls are amazing! It flows perfectly. It’s fun killing! 🙂

The second DLC is released May 19. I’ll be there, will you?

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