Gaming at Retrospelsmässan 2015

This weekend Geeky Gals visited Sweden’s largest retro gaming convention, Retrospelsmässan, which takes place in Gothenburg, and we had a blast! 😀 It’s wonderful to see all these old games come to life with such a vibrant community surrounding it 🙂 We have so much to say about this weekend that we will divide the coverage into three separate posts, Gaming / Cosplay / Shopping, first up is Gaming 😀


There were shitloads of old computers and TV’s setup with old consoles for you to try out in the ‘demo room’. And an arcade corner with pinball machines and arcade games. Here’s a few systems and games that we found really cool, different and beautiful!


It’s really cool to see all the moms and dads bringing their kids to experience the games that they played when they were young!

We also got to try out some games, we focused mainly on the new ones though. There were four indie games on display and a lot of people queuing to try them out. We only managed to play two of them. First up was Alwa’s Awakening, which is an NES inspired game that will hopefully be released on the Wii U in the near future. We are of course also hoping for an Xbox One release ;D Alwa’s Awakening was really beautiful, the sprites were cute and well made and the colours were pretty. Unfortunately the game isn’t finished yet so we got to play a demo that was put together for the convention, it was a bit too easy but the developers promised more challenge in the finished product. Heidi managed to beat the demo without a single death. Apart from this it’s got some nice concepts, like the use of a brick or a bubble that the main characters can produce to make it through obstacles in the stages. This game has the potential to become a really great classic platforming adventure. We’re looking forward to the finished product ^__^

The next game we tried out was 1993 Space Machine. This game was much more finished and really difficult! The graphics looked awesome and the sprites were beautiful 🙂 It’s a horizontal side scrolling shmup with loads of different enemies and obstacles and of course powerups! The developers offered a pretty unique experience when playing by having a live music performance alter the in-game music 😀 I don’t know how they will implement this in the finished product though, I doubt that they’ll ship a keyboardist with each sold sample of game ;D hahaha

There were two more indie games on display, unfortunately we didn’t get to try them out because whenever we were there they had large queues. One of them was called The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human and looked really pretty! You’re a cute little submarine in a beautiful pixelated underwater world. The other one was called else.heartbreak and looked very noir.

At Retrospelsmässan 2015 they also hosted several competitions. Unfortunately we completely missed the Bomberman tournament! And we were too late to sign up for the Super Mario competition 😦 It was fun to watch though!

We did however enter in the ongoing Asteroids competition on arcade! And Heidi came in second place! 😀

There was even more gaming going on at RSM, throughout the day several awesome gamers did live speedruns of various games! We watched Zelda OoT and World of Illusion for a bit.

Geeky Gals did a lot of gaming as well! Apart from Asteroids and the indie games Jinn tried out some R-Type by the R-Type collection, some fighting games and Becki played some Photon, an unreleased indie game under development.

Even Mario was gaming at RSM! ;D Here’s Mario playing Mario ^__^

rsm-2015-mario-playing-marioStay tuned for the Cosplay and Shopping posts ^__^


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