Shopping at Retrospelsmässan 2015

We’ve divided Retrospelsmässan into 3 posts, Gaming / CosplayShopping, this is the shopping post ^_^ This year surpassed all previous years in the amount of vendors and stuff that was for sale at Retrospelsmässan 2015! You could find almost anything related to retro video games, from old pong consoles all the way up to Gamecube games. I’m happy to see that there weren’t too many Gamecube/PS2 and Xbox games for sale though, it was mainly Nintendo NES, SNES and N64 games and some Sega. You could however also find japanese games, Famicom and Super Famicom, some PC Engine and even some Neo Geo! 😀 Look at all these beautiful old computers and consoles! 😀

This year RSM got Pappas Pärlor to attend! Poor Johan had to handle both his table for selling and being in charge of the crafting corner of the convention! Fortunately he also had his buddy Plind who helped out (the guy crafting all those awesome wooden lamps with perler bead fronts). It’s always exciting to see Pappas Pärlor’s amazingly imaginative perler bead artworks! 😀

Apart from this there were loads of gaming merchandise for sale, T-shirts, toys, prints, posters, etc.. It was hard not to buy stuff ;D Becki came home with a couple of T-shirts, Jinn found some games and a pendant from Pappas Pärlor. Heidi went nuts on retro games and consoles, you will be able to see her pickups on her blog about Retro Games soon ^__^

There were a lot of stuff to just look at and admire as well 🙂 They had exhibitions of various collections, like Love Hultén‘s R-Kaid-R mini MAME cabinets, soooo beautiful!! And there was also an R-Type collection, a collection of handheld vintage games and a collection of only games developed by Swedes 😀 and lots more!!!

Geeky Gals will definitely return to RSM next year! It’s one of the geekiest events Sweden has to offer! Keep up the good work Retrospelsmässan! 😀

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