Geeky Gals 1K Giveaway!!

We’re getting super close to 1K followers on instagram right now! So we’ve decided to have a small giveaway of some geeky quirky things! 😀


To enter the competition you either just follow our blog here and comment on this post so we know you’re competing ^_^ Or you can compete through instagram by re-posting the instagram picture of the giveaway on your own instagram and tagging us (@geeky_gals) in the post and using the hashtag #GeekyGalsGiveaway (doing both give you double entries) 😉

Now to the contents of the Giveaway!!! You get a ONE-OF-A-KIND copy of NBA 2K13 featuring Jay-Z for the Wii U!! This copy has a re-designed and hand made cover and manual created by the Geeky Gals themselves! Beautiful drawings by Jinn, Becki and Heidi!! And with extra sparkles ^_^ Don’t miss out on this #Awesome one of a kind game! 😀

Apart from this awesome game you get some cool and useful TMNT merchandise in the form of a Donatello PEZ dispenser! There’s also a brand new cute Skylander! You also get to taste (if you dare!!!) some Sizzling Bacon Candy!! sizzle… sizzle.. YUCK?!? 😀 The poster in the background is also yours if you win the giveaway! This is an inspirational poster with several geeky references to gaming and movies etc ^_^ Apart from all this you get some really awesome Power Rangers tissues straight from Japan! And some Viva Pinata collector cards ;D

The giveaway competition will end on Friday the 26th of June!

There will also be a SURPRISE in the package!! So what are you waiting for!! Go follow us to take part of the competition ^_^ The competition is worldwide! 🙂 So everyone can compete for this awesome package 😀

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