Cosplay at Comic Con Malmö 2015

This weekend we went to a Comic Convention, we’ve made three separate posts dividing the convention into Gaming, Cosplay and other geeky things. This post covers Cosplay ^_^

OMG! There were so many amazing cosplayers all over Comic Con in Malmö! We tried to catch as many as we could on camera ;D I was thrilled to find my favorite Borderlands 2 character, Maya. She looked amazing!!

Becki & Tanja were thrilled every time they bumped into this super classy Master Chief cosplayer ;D And Becki was also super thrilled to meet Loki who had befriended a Terminator!! XD

There was an amazing Star Wars parade thrown by Nordic Garrison ^_^ Those cute little Jawas are adorable! And sith lord Darth Malgus looks terrifying!! There were also all types of troopers you could imagine! Storm troopers, Scout troopers, Sand troopers, Clone troopers etc!

It’s so much fun to see young girls getting into cosplaying and nerdy hobbies as well ^_^ Go Geeky Gals! 😀

There were loads of scary cosplays as well, such as the Silent Hill nurse or the Scarecrow from Batman! Such awesome costumes ^_^

This Tardis is just gorgeous! ^^ And Donkey Kong is hilarious! XD Guardians of the Galaxy has a striking resemblance! And there’s just so many more!!! ^_^ Thanks to all the people who put down so much time and effort into making these awesome costumes for us to enjoy! 🙂

Don’t forget to read about our other geeky experiences and all the gaming at Comic Con Malmö 2015!

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