Gaming at Comic Con Malmö 2015

This weekend we went to a Comic Convention, we’ve made three separate posts dividing the convention into Gaming, Cosplay and other geeky things. This post covers Gaming ^_^

There were loads of indie games on display, we tried out a few of them 🙂

Geeky Gals Gaming at Comic Con Malmö 2015

We got to try out 1993 Space Machine again, a really fun classic shoot em up! They began production in 1993(!!) and has taken a long break but is now back on track. 🙂 We first played it at Retrospelsmässan and now they had put in a co-op mode. A really interesting feature is that you share lives with your partner, I can feel the rage building already! And on top of that a promise of an Xbox One release. Perfect!

This time we actually got to try out The Aquatic  Adventures of the Last Human, this game was also displayed at Retrospelsmässan, but the queue was endless! Haha ^_^ It was a really well made game with beautiful pixelated graphics! We played it until we reached a boss containing three seahorses 😀 It will be released on PC, maybe PS4 but probably not Xbox One 😦

We were also compelled to try out a game called Chicku by Traverse. This game had a simple objective, but the controls made it nearly impossible! You could play up to 4 player co-op, as chickens trying to save the caged chickens on the farm. There’s loads of obstacles that will just mutilate your chicken but you have endless of tries 😀 This was a lot of fun! Can’t wait for it to appear on Xbox One ^_^

Some of us also tried out Just Cause 3, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures of the actual game, and only got to play a short destruction mode which was kind of boring, but the graphics were stunning!

There were loads of stages for E-sport events and loads of people playing Counter Strike.

We also checked out Dark Souls III which looked just as hard as previous games in the series ;D I don’t quite understand why they’re showing off games that have already been released though, such as Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain, but that still seemed quite popular. I guess most people haven’t gotten it yet…

Our friend Tanja decided during Comic Con that she would pick up Minecraft once she got home, she’s never played it before so she got a Minecraft beginner’s book ;D

Minecraft beginner's book

There were at least two tables selling retro games as well! 😀 At the big Retro Play table you could also find Retrospelsfestivalen, who were promoting their upcoming festival of retro gaming ^_^ I managed to find at least three games at decent prices. I picked up Bomb Jack for the Game Boy, The Blues Brothers for Super Nintendo and The Simpsons Bartman meets Radioactive man. I also found a really neat Game Boy carry case! 😀

It was a great convention for gaming indeed ^_^ Check out our other posts about Cosplay and other geeky things!

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