Geeky Gals at Comic Con Malmö 2015

This weekend we went to a Comic Convention, we’ve made three separate posts dividing the convention into Gaming, Cosplay and other geeky things. This post covers the other geeky things ^_^

This year is the first time Comic Con is brought to the southern part of Sweden, it took place in Malmö, and of course we Geeky Gals had to visit the convention! We unfortunately only had the opportunity to go on Sunday, but this was actually quite refreshing! Going both days are usually very tiring and after one day you have pretty much experienced everything a convention has to offer, it was also beneficial going on Sunday since there were less people, less rush, less crowds, less queuing and we got to try most things out! 😀

Comic Con Malmö 2015

The comic con here in Sweden though isn’t as comic book or movie oriented as Comic Cons in the US, here they mix in A LOT of gaming, and there’s barely any comic related things left. Not that we’re complaining though, we looove ❤ games ^_^

There were of course also tons and tons of l00t there! I had to restrain myself from buying all the stuffed Adventure Time plushies… We all got 2 or 3 t-shirts each instead! 😀
Jinn found an adorable Katamari book, Becki got another part of the walking dead comics and Heidi managed to weed out some cool retro games ^_^

Our friend Tanja bought everything Batman related she could find! Almost everything at least… there were shitloads of Batman merch all over the place!! And also Halo, minecraft and free hugs!! 😀 And comic book artists that could draw you as a sloth ;D

Of course there was also Star Wars related stuff in every corner of the convention! It wouldn’t be a comic con without it! ^_^ Don’t forget to check out all the super cool Star Wars cosplayers in our other post from Comic Con!

Becki was eyeballing a Vincent figure from Final Fantasy VII for quite some time.. but ended up buying a bunch of other stuff instead. There was just too much awesome merchandise all over the place!

We had a great day at Comic Con Malmö! We met a lot of cool people, played loads of new games and bought a bunch of cool stuff! 😀 Don’t forget to check out our post about Gaming and the one with all the Cosplayers from Comic Con as well! 😀

Geeky Gals at Comic Con Malmö 2015

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