Retro Gathering 2015 – so much #awesome!

This was the second year I visited Retro Gathering in Västerås, Sweden. Though this retro game/computing convention has been running steady since 2006 🙂 This year it was even bigger than last year! 60 tables of sellers selling everything from old Pong machines, Commodore and Amiga computers to Nintendo, Sega and some older 3D-graphic consoles like the Playstation. Here’s just a small taste of everything that was for sale!!! 😀

This year Retro Gathering celebrated the 30th anniversary of the personal computers Amiga and Atari ST, and paid tribute to Bomberman and car games all through the years. It was refreshing not to see the typical homage to Super Mario that is getting attention absolutely everywhere else, it’s nice to see a convention that focuses on all the other things we shouldn’t forget ^_^ They did however have a competition in the game Car Race ][ for Commodore PET, which was actually the first game Satoru Iwata made.

“To honor the memory of Satoru Iwata, who was Nintendo’s CEO for 13 years until his passing this summer, we have chosen to highlight his first known game, the rarely mentioned Car Race II for the PET-computer which is an excellent example of how the young Iwata had the ability to use the limited hardware to it’s maximum potential” – Anders Carlsson, Retro Gathering project manager

Apart from Car Race ][ there were also competitions held in Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES, Super Skidmarks for Amiga and the annual Swedish Championships of Pong. Both me and Eleth participated in the championships, I at least got one step further than last year and got into the semi-finals, but then lost >_< I will give it another go next year! I will make sure to acquire an original Pong console by then and start practicing! haha 😀

It’s always nice to visit these types of gatherings, because you get to meet all your friends with similar interests and you also get to know a lot of new friendly people! We will definitely come back next year ^_^ Here’s pictures of some of all the awesome retro consoles and computers you could try out at Retro Gathering 2015!

Of course we also bought a bunch of stuff! Eleth found both an Amiga 500 and a Commodore 64 and several games for them ^_^ I bought shitloads of stuff! It’s all uploaded on my Retro Gaming blog ;D

We hope to see you all on the upcoming Retrospelsfestivalen on October 10th! Another great retro game convention in Sweden ^_^

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