Today is the future!! But let’s go back…

There’s a lot of commotion about this exact day, October 21st 2015. Maybe you haven’t heard? But this is the day that Marty McFly visited the future in the Back to the Future films! In the movie the future had hover boards, self-tying shoes, flying cars and much more! The Guardian has put together quite an interesting article comparing the Back to the Future’s future with what our present future actually delivers 🙂

Since there’s a really huge fan base of these cult movies a lot of people are celebrating Back to the Future Day in various ways, most people will probably re-watch the old classic movies ^_^ I myself will celebrate by playing the BEST back to the future game made ;D

So let’s talk about the games.. there were a lot of shit released back in the day, especially when there were movie franchises that became hits, a lot of game companies wanted part of the profits and stated releasing games with popular licences. Unfortunately a lot of time and effort were usually lacking in these projects.. which resulted in games that just took major dumps on their respective franchises. Good examples of these are the Back to the Future games for the NES and also the Sega games. Angry Video Game Nerd has made thorough reviews of all the shitty Back to the Future games that are well worth a watch ^_^

However, one game stood out from the rest, but this game never got to see the light of day in Europe or North America.. This game was only released in Japan and it’s called Super Back to the Future Part II! And no.. there is no Part I game.. not that I know of anyway..

So what makes this game stand out? Well, first of all there’s an amazing soundtrack that actually sounds like the great music from the movie franchise, then there’s the graphics which are incredibly cute and well made 🙂 The playability also surpasses the games that we got by a great deal! It’s fun, it’s cute, and it actually stays more or less true to the story of the movie!

If you don’t have these old retro games, or an emulator to play them on, or if you’re just not that into retro games, then there’s still a way to spend your Back to the Future Day celebration gaming! Because the amazing TellTale Games have made a Back to the Future game, and it’s been released on most new gen systems 🙂 It’s called Back to the Future: The Game, and I’ve been playing it on Xbox One, but it’s also available on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Mac and iOS.

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