Retrospelsfestivalen 2015 was #Awesome!!

This weekend Geeky Gals had the honor to be hosts at the annual retro gaming convention in Malmö, Retrospelsfestivalen! We had a blast! It was great to meet all the amazing people that were there ^_^ And this year was even bigger than last year! So much stuff for sale! So many games to play! So many kickass lecturers! Live music! Just so much #Awesome!!

Let’s start off with a visitor that came all the way from Japan! My new hero and favorite 8-bit musician: Professor Sakamoto! We got to talk to him both before his performance and also later at the after party, such a nice guy! 🙂 And his music is just amazing! He knows over 1000+ songs by heart, just from listening to the songs ^_^ He performed both 8-bit tunes that we all remember from old Nintendo games, and also some of his own compositions of chiptune music. If you haven’t heard Professor Sakamoto before then here’s some samples that we put together from the convention 😀 And if you wanna find Professor Sakamoto’s latest album, you can listen to it here >>




Now onto the rest of the awesomeness that was Retrospelsfestivalen 2015! The visitors got to hear lecturers such as Pappas Pärlor and Spelpappan, got to play pinball and arcade games, got to compete in various retro games and also Super Mario Maker to celebrate Mario’s 30th birthday, they also got to buy a bunch of cool stuff! So many geeky things and retro games for sale all over the place! 😀 We didn’t have much time to run around and buy stuff during the day, but in the last 30 minutes of the convention I at least made a speed-run and picked some things up ;D These can be seen over at my Retro Video Gaming blog ^^ Meanwhile, here’s some pics to sum up all of this awesomeness!

There were also cosplayers and a cosplay competition where the winner got a golden ticket to compete in the Swedish Championships of Cosplay! Some really amazing costumes for sure ^_^ It brought tears to my eyes when Yuna started dancing to the Besaid Island song!! (Anyone who’s played Final Fantasy X will understand, such a tragic yet beautiful scene).

We are already looking forward to next years retro game convention in Malmö! Go Retrospelsfestivalen! 😀

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