Geeky Gals Gathering!

This weekend Heidi threw a Geeky Gals Gathering at her place, hosting a retro gaming competition for all our geeky friends ^_^ A lot of gals showed up, and it was a blast, we will definitely host more gatherings like this! 🙂

In the competition everybody competed against each other, but also for a team score. Five games were initally played before the semi-finals. These games were game number 1 on Philips Videopac G7000, which is kind of a racing game, then Missile Defense 3-D on Sega Master System with 3D glasses and a light phaser 😀 So rad! After this they competed in Kato-chan & Ken-chan on PC Engine, Cosmic Ark on Atari 2600 and finally Gitaroo Man on Playstation 2. The A-team prize for the best team score went to Amigasaurus (Linnea) and Uhura (Tille) 🙂 Congratz!

Tille, Mooncloud, NinjaBrite and Kaycee went to the semi-finals and competed in three multiplayer games on the Super Famicom. The games included VS Collection, Harapeko Bakka and Battle Cross. Tille & NinjaBrite came out victorious and continued on to the finals. It was an extremely close competition and the most exciting game of Pong I’ve seen so far! 😀 There were three games lined up, but after the second game, which was no. 4 Air Sea Battle on Philips Videopac G7200, Tille came out victorious. Congratulations on taking home the prize from the first Geeky Gals Gathering retro game competition! We hope to see you all again next time, and hopefully even some more new faces! ^_^

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