Geeky Gals Mixtape #2 – Chiptunetastic!

Here’s our second Mixtape! This time it’s not really game music, but instead music inspired by old games! Namely chiptunes! 😀 There’s so many amazing chiptune artists, we don’t even know where to start! But here’s some oldies but goodies and also some new ones that I personally have been listening A LOT to!

llama yayThis is an upbeat fast-paced can’t-help-but-move-to-the-groove kind of playlist ^_^ We’ve posted links to all the artists’ pages, make sure to check them out! 😀 They all have many more great songs that you should listen to! Starting off with some Scandinavian artists like Tobiah, Zabutom, Goto80, Phlogiston and Psilodump, then finishing with some Japanese ones like Professor Sakamoto and Kplecraft… Enjoy!

  1. Syntax ErrorTobiah [Dance OK]
  2. My Alien ShoesZabutom [Zabutom’s Chips]
  3. Killer Piller (Dubmood’s Atari Jihad)Goto80 [Zyndabox]
  4. Darfang – Phlogiston [Mode 2]
  5. Matkaradio – Psilodump [Metronomnomnom]
  6. Humbuk – X-Agon [ZX Spectrum Is Alive]
  7. Hazel, Dave, Aaron, and the Tall One – Vim [Extended Loo Break]
  8. Troubled Dreams – Rushjet1 [Sounds of the 2A03]
  9. Stage 4: Saturn – Prof.Sakamoto [Insert Vol.2: Solar Soldier]
  10. 8bit Goa – Kplecraft [Kplecraft]

PS. If any of above artists are uncomfortable with having their song on here, please let us know and we’ll remove it ❤

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