Joystick 8.0 at Malmö Live

On Friday the 22nd of April the British conductor Charles Hazlewood will visit Malmö to perform the video game music concert Joystick 8.0 with the help of Malmö symphony orchestra.

There’s gonna be music from so many different games, like from Commodore 64, Uncharted, Halo 5, Fallout 4, Portal, Shovel Knight, Vandal Hearts 2, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid 5, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Alan Wake, World of Warcraft and The Division. There’s also gonna be some classics from Wagner and Sergej Prokofjev that have been featured in games and that you’ll be sure to recognise 🙂 Read more about which songs that will be played in the program >>

Apart from these amazing orchestral performances there will be loads of fun stuff to do before the concert. Malmö Live are also arranging a lecture from Petri Alanko, composer of the music from Alan Wake and us Geeky Gals will be hosting a music quiz with retro game music! Our music quiz starts at 17:45 and lasts about an hour. There’s also gonna be a market for retro games, exhibitions and games to play (Heidi approves!!) 😀

Make sure not to miss out on Joystick 8.0! We’ll be there ^_^ And we can’t wait!! Especially excited to hear the music from Shovel Knight, Portal, Final Fantasy VII and Halo 5! 😀

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