Joystick 8.0 was #Awesome!!

Last Friday me and Becki went to Joystick 8.0 and it was awesome! They had done a really good job at creating a nerdy gaming experience all over the newly built complex that is Malmö Live (Malmö city’s new concert hall), however they probably hadn’t marketed it well enough since there could have been A LOT more people, everyone we knew hadn’t heard about it which was a shame. Anyway, the new concert hall looks incredible! So modern and cool! All over the concert hall they had gaming related posters and stuff setup 🙂

They also had a couple of exhibitions on display with various video game inspired art. Martinspixlar displayed handmade acrylic paintings that he had framed himself, based on 8-bit video game characters. These were just fantastic, and with golden details, made with real gold! 😀 Becki’s favorite was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one and mine was Tails from Sonic ^_^ Then The Game Assembly also had huge prints of video game art that the students had created. Just amazing 😀

There were games to be played in various locations around the concert hall as well. The Game Assembly were showing off some games that their students had made and Spelens Hus had some setups of various games and systems all over the place. I tried out some Rockband with a full band ^_^ Petri Alanko, the composer from Alan Wake, held a lecture right before we had our quiz 🙂 We were a bit too worked up to really pay attention, but it seemed popular, a lot of people were listening ^_^ There was also an area where they were selling some retro games, I found myself a Tetris game for Nintendo 64 that I didn’t previously have 😀

So, us Geeky Gals were hosting a music quiz before the main concert. We hosted a similar one back at Retrospelsfestivalen last fall. It went really well, and people seemed to enjoy it. It was a lot of fun! 😀 Our friend Terese borrowed my camera so we could get some pics ^_^ It’s not like a regular music quiz where you just name the game, here we play a song and then we’re searching for a word that it somehow related, the word goes into a type of crossword, so the more questions you get right the more help you’ll get for the upcoming questions 🙂 At the end three guys were victorious, they got every question right! 😀 Good job!

Finally we enjoyed a 2 hour long concert, performed by Malmö Symphony Orchestra, and the music was mainly from video games. Such a pleasure to listen to! It was incredible! I hope there’s a Joystick 9.0 next year, I will definitely be there 🙂 They’ve held it for 8 years straight so why stop now 😀

Joystick concert

Joystick 8.0 concert

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