Not so Super Dungeon Bros

I recently bought another “bro” game, Super Dungeon Bros, on Xbox One. I also tried this game out on the day I ended up playing Dragon Bros, but damn, Super Dungeon Bros was bad! The loading times were ridiculously long, the controls were slow and clunky, the hit-boxes seemed a bit off, and it just portrayed a feeling of not being very well thought through or even tested before release..

Super Dungeon Bros

I thought it would be a fun game since you could be 4 players locally or online and play it together. It even has local and online capabilities simultaneously! But I doubt it will be any more fun with friends :/ Not with such horrible gameplay feeling.. The further you get into the stages the more enemies start building a horde around you and no matter what various attacks you use you still always get hit. It just felt pointless and boring.

It just didn’t feel like you were in control of the character, not as smoothly as you would have wanted. The traps and placement of everything on the randomly generated stages did not feel like they were given any particular thought. Compared to games like the latest Diablo  where the controls and stages are so seamless that you just kind of “merge” with the gameplay ❤

The story also seemed kind of lame. You’re some kind of rock n’ roll warriors, and the intro felt childish and not at all cool o_O  Rock n’ roll is supposed to be cool! Haha! XD

We’ll see if the Geeky Gals will want to give it another go when we can co-op in it on our next gaming get-together. But hopefully better co-op games have launched by then ^_^

Meanwhile here’s some gameplay footage of the game:

I might not have given Super Dungeon Bros a very long try, and I might have misunderstood the entire game, but sometimes the first impression just kind of kills it.. If anyone has a different opinion about Super Dungeon Bros, feel free to share ^_^

6 thoughts on “Not so Super Dungeon Bros

  1. I think you’d like Victor Vran: Overkill Edition a lot better. It’s more like a Diablo-style game but with some jumping required in a few spots. Super Dungeon Bros. was a lot less fun and the rock ‘n roll style came off a bit corny and unnecessary.


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