Retrospelsfestivalen 2017 & Wünderling

Last weekend it was time for another edition of Retrospelsfestivalen in Malmö! Of course we wouldn’t miss it! 😀 This year they had changed venue and held the retro gaming convention at Inkonst, which is usually a club. It worked great!

Heidi spent most of the time in the basement where the market was. There were so many tables selling retro games and merch! A good mix of stuff, but of course mainly Nintendo (Swedes love their Nintendo ;D). Her pickups will most likely show up on her blog shortly ^_^

There was also a lot of cool retro game inspired art and crafts for sale, like Pappas Pärlor’s awesome bead art, Sluskafan’s amazing pixel paintings and Bleepwear’s knitted beanies and lots more! ^_^

Upstairs they had put together a really nice gaming area with both arcades and old consoles 🙂 You could play loads of different stuff, from a Game Boy Advance demo kiosk to Metal Slug on a candy cab and an original Ms. Pac-Man cabinet 😀

We also got to try out an upcoming game that was being showcased during the convention called Wünderling. It had a really fun concept! You play as a bad guy from an old school video game, and as we all know bad guys in old games can only do one thing, they walk around blocking your path. They can only walk back and forth and when they hit a wall or an edge of a platform they turn. Now the difference with this little fella is that he has learned how to jump! 😀

So the mechanics are that the main character in the game is auto-running and you have to time the jumps to get around the obstacles and make it to the end. Meanwhile you have to collect orbs so that your meter won’t run out, so it’s basically a timed challenge. Each stage has hidden paths and chests. It was really fun to explore 🙂

The developers said it would be released on both Xbox, Playstation and Steam. A release date is yet to be announced though. But I personally can’t wait for it to arrive 😀 A kind of puzzle platformer from the opposite perspective ^_^

We’re looking forward to next years edition of Retrospelsfestivalen already 🙂 It’s great to have a retro gaming convention in the southern part of Sweden as well 😀

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